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Showing films and playing music in your bookshop can help to generate sales and create a great atmosphere.

With licences available from CCLI and Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) you can use music and movies to enhance your activities and for specific promotions and events.

Please note that you’ll require the relevant licences even if music is only played to your customers through a listening post or headphones.


Playing Music Recordings

PRS & PPLIf you play commercial music recordings (CDs, MP3s etc.) you’ll need a PRS for Music Church Licence as well as a licence directly from Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). To contact PPL visit: or call 020 7534 1070.

You need both licences because each organisation represents different rights within a recording. PRS for Music represent the rights of composers, copyright owners and music publishers, while PPL represent the rights of the artists and producers of that specific recording.

Because films contain music, you will need a PRS for Music Church Licence if you are showing films to cover music on the soundtrack. You do not currently require a PPL licence to show films.

Live Music Performances

PRSIf music is performed live on your premises you only need the PRS for Music Church Licence. As CCLI are agents for PRS for Music, you can purchase this directly from us.

Showing Films

PRS & CVLIf you host film screenings or show film scenes for promotional purposes you’ll require a Church Video Licence (CVL) as well as the PRS For Music Church Licence which covers any music on the film soundtrack.

The terms of the CVL do not permit you to advertise film screenings as this is regarded as competing with local cinemas. Nor can you charge people to see the film, though a free-will offering may be taken.

With the CVL you can:

The CVL does not permit you to:

If you only wish to show films during a one-off event, a Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) available directly from could cover you instead of a CVL. The STSL does permit you to charge for entry.

Licence Fees

PRS For Music Bookshop Licence
UNDEFINED FIELD Category Licence Fee
1 - 14m² AH £23.48
15 - 49m² A £35.46
50 - 99m² B £66.13
100 - 249m² C £108.76
250 - 499m² D £151.38
500 - 999m² E £200.71
1000 - 1499m² F £248.69
1500 - 2999m² G £308.62
3000m² and over H £391.21