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CCLI can provide a simple, legal and affordable solution for chaplaincies who use copyright material in their services, meetings and times of worship.

Reproducing/Projecting Song Words

Our Church Copyright Licence (CCL) permits you to legally reproduce (write, type or print out) song words in any format, for example, to include in service sheets. You can also store them on OHP acetates or on a computer for projection.

The CCL also permits you to audio or video record services and times of worship for those unable to attend, or as a keepsake.

Photocopying Music Publications

CCLI offer two photocopying licences. If you would like to make photocopies from songbooks, music publications or sheet-music downloaded from the internet, the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL), available as a supplement to the Church Copyright Licence (CCL), will permit you to do this for most publications.

Copyright usually exists in the typography as well as the creative work, so even if a song is in the Public Domain, you may require permission to photocopy it (you’ll often find details printed within the first few pages of the publication). Check the authorised music publications list for details of what this licence covers.

Showing Films or Film Scenes

Permission is required from the producer if you use films or show videos in your meetings. The most convenient way of obtaining permission from most mainstream and Christian film producers is through the cover of the Church Video Licence (CVL). A list of the studios and producers covered by the CVL is available here. Your venue must also hold a PRS for Music licence to cover music on the film’s soundtrack.

Licence Fees

CCLI have negotiated simple, flat fees for each of the above licences.*

Church Copyright Licence (CCL)
Flat Fee £72.00

*If the average attendance at your services/meetings is less than 15 people, a further concession may be available. Please call us on 01323 436100 for details.

Downloading Song Lyrics and Music

Finding the correct version of the song you need can be a headache. CCLI’s SongSelect website is a simple and efficient way to access lyrics, lead and chord sheets from CCLI’s huge database of hymns and worship songs. SongSelect is a subscription service available to holders of the Church Copyright Licence. Find out more about SongSelect.

PackageLicence Fee
Basic £32.00
Advanced Melody * £90.00
Premium * £115.00
50 Extra Song Downloads £25.50

Itinerant / Mobile Chaplains

CCLI can provide licences for Chaplains who work across multiple locations. Please call us on 01323 436100 for details.