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If you run events or conferences you may want to show films, perform, play and/or record music, photocopy from music and non-music publications or download song lyrics and music. CCLI can provide licences and advice to help you find a legal and affordable solution for your copyright needs.

If your event has an attendance of more than 1000 people, please contact us.

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Reproducing Song Words at Events

If you wish to reproduce (write, type or print out) authorised song words in any format, or store them on a computer for projection, CCLI’s Event Church Copyright Licence (Event CCL) will cover you to do this without infringing copyright law.

The Event CCL is available for both adult and youth events of up to 1000 people and lasts up to 14 consecutive days.  Licence fees are based on the maximum attendance at any one time during your event.

With the Event CCL you can:

NB: If you only intend to reproduce the words of Public Domain hymns/songs, no licence is required.

Photocopying at Events

If you wish to photocopy from music books and publications such as Songs Of Fellowship or Mission Praise, CCLI’s Event Music Reproduction Licence (Event MRL) will cover you to do this without infringing copyright law.

The Event MRL is available as a supplement to the Event CCL for both adult and youth events of up to 1000 people and lasts up to 14 consecutive days. The licence fees are based on the maximum attendance at any one time during your event.

Even if a work is Public Domain, a typographic right may still exist for the publication it is printed in. Copyright in the typography (the layout, fonts and setting of the printed page) is protected for 25 years from the first year of publication. This includes printouts of sheet-music downloads from the internet.

CCLI can also advise you about the copyright implications of photocopying from non-music publications. Please contact us if you require further information.

Photocopying for the visually impaired

The law provides for certain limited exceptions for the visually impaired, and large print song sheets can be made for this purpose without any additional permission from the copyright owner.

Showing Films at Events

PRS & CVLIf you wish to show films or film scenes at your event you’ll require a Church Video Licence (CVL).

CVL licence fees are calculated per head based on the maximum attendance when the film of film scene is shown.

If you’re showing films in activities outside of ‘acts of divine worship’ (i.e. worship services) you’ll need to ensure the premises also has a licence from PRS for Music which will cover any music within the film’s soundtrack. Contact PRS for Music for details.

The terms of the CVL do not permit you to advertise film screenings as this is regarded as competing with local cinemas. Nor can you charge people to see the film, though a free-will offering may be taken.

With the CVL you can:

The CVL does not permit you to:

If you only wish to show films during a one-off event, a Single Title Screening Licence (STSL) available directly from could cover you instead of a CVL. The STSL does permit you to charge for entry.

Playing Music Recordings at Events

PRS & PPLLicences to play commercial music recordings such as CDs or MP3s etc. are only available directly from PRS for Music and Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). PRS for Music licences are premises based so you should check if the venue already has cover before contacting PRS for Music.

You may need both these licences because each organisation represents different rights within a recording. PRS for Music represent the rights of composers, copyright owners and music publishers, while PPL represent the rights of the artists and producers of that specific recording.

Because films contain music, you’ll need a PRS for Music licence if you use films outside of ‘acts of divine worship’ (i.e. worship services). You do not currently require a PPL licence to show films in any context. Both PRS for Music and PPL currently waive the requirement for their licences for music played or performed during acts of divine worship.

Live Music Performances at Events

PRSCCLI cannot provide licence cover for concerts or live music performances at events. If you wish to have live music at your event other than during acts of divine worship (i.e. worship services) you’ll need to ensure the venue is covered by PRS for Music. Because PRS for Music licences are premises-based, always check with the venue before contacting PRS for Music directly.

Audio/Video Recording Music at Events

The licences needed to record music which is played at your event will vary depending on whether you are recording live music or pre-recorded music (known as dubbing), and on whether the recording is intended for commercial or non-commercial use.

Audio/Video recording of live music for non-commercial purposes

Through an agency agreement with MCPS, CCLI’s Church Copyright Licence (CCL) includes the right to record live music from your services or seminars for limited non-commercial distribution (i.e. to provide a copy to somebody who is housebound or unable to attend).

You may even make a nominal charge for the recording as follows:

What the CCL does not cover:

Licence fees for the CCL are based on the maximum attendance at any one time during your event.

Audio/Video recording of pre-recorded music or recordings for commercial purposes

If you intend to sell your recording on a commercial basis, you will probably need a Limited Manufacture Licence (LML) directly from PRS for Music. If you intend to record (overdub) pre-recorded music, you may need a licence from Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) as well as the LML from PRS for Music. Please contact PRS for Music directly as they can advise you further.

A Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) will be required if a meeting is to be streamed live or uploaded to the internet. This is also available directly from PRS for Music.

Recording Weddings

Information about the licences required to make audio/video recordings of weddings is available here.

Further Information

Because every event is different, we recommend that you contact us to discuss the specifics of your event and the potential licensing implications.