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Crematoria, Funeral Directors, Hospital Chaplains and Prison Chapels

For these organisations CCLI has negotiated a flat fee for the following licences (inclusive of service fees and VAT):

Church Copyright Licence (CCL)
Flat Fee £72.00

For hospital and prison chaplaincies the CVL is also available:

Church Video Licence (CVL)
Attendance Category Licence Fee
FLAT Flat Fee £73.00

Other Organisations

If you’re a Christian organisation other than those above, please refer to the price table below which includes service fees and VAT. Mobile/Itinerant workers: Please contact CCLI for further information and fees.

Church Copyright Licence (CCL)
Attendance Category Licence Fee
1 - 14 AH £48.00
15 - 49 A £72.00
50 - 99 B £126.00
100 - 249 C £206.00
250 - 499 D £286.00
500 - 999 E £374.00
1000 - 1499 F £460.00
1500 - 2999 G £568.00
3000 - 4999 H £724.00
5000 - 9999 I £986.00

Terms of Agreement

It’s important that licence holders read and understand the Terms Of Agreement which are applicable once a licence has been purchased from CCLI.

View the terms for our church licences

Any questions? Check our FAQs or contact us if you can’t find the answer.