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Whether you’re a wedding organiser, church, or the wedding couple or their family, you’ll want to ensure the wedding you’re planning is special.

With so many elements making up the big day, ensuring all the necessary copyright licences are in place can be a headache. CCLI are here to provide guidance and advice to take away any uncertainty and help ensure you’re fully covered.

Preparing an Order Of Service

Whether produced by the church or the family concerned, churches are responsible for ensuring copyright permission (through a licence or direct from the copyright owner) has been obtained and full acknowledgements included for any song words, readings, poems, illustrations etc. that are reproduced.

The Church Copyright Licence (CCL) from CCLI covers the reproduction of most song words within orders of service. Some Roman Catholic publishers are not covered by CCLI, but may be covered by a Calamus licence from Decani Music. Visit for details.

Most Bible publishers allow a certain amount of Scripture text to be reproduced without permission, and details can usually be found in the opening pages of that particular version.

Playing/Performing Music

PRS for Music and Phonographic Performance Ltd. (PPL) have waived the requirement for churches to hold licences for music played/performed during weddings services. However, PRS for Music and PPL licences may be required if music is played/performed outside of the service itself, for example during the reception. PRS for Music licences are premises based, so we recommend that you check with the venue before purchasing a licence. Contact PRS for Music directly for more information about the licence(s) you may require.

PRSRecording A Church Wedding

Permission is required from the owner of any copyright material that is recorded. If a recording is made of music being played or performed, this is known as dubbing and a Limited Manufacture Licence (LML) will be required. This is only available directly from PRS for Music.

A Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) will be required if the wedding is to be streamed live or uploaded to the internet. This is also available directly from PRS for Music.

Further Information

Fact File: Church Weddings / Funerals

This printable PDF provides more information about the copyright implications of church weddings and funerals.

Limited Manufacture Licence

Limited Online Music Licence